Distiller’s Notes – Red Saw Rye Whiskey

Below are my personal notes on a focused tasting of Red Saw Rye Whiskey in a single sitting. Spirit tastings are performed neat at room temperature in a glencairn glass to provide the best flavor experience. For further info on the spirit, please see Red Saw Rye Whiskey.

Proof: 96

Batch: 9

Aged: 14 months, new, char 3, white oak, 30G barrels. Entry proof is 115.

Color: Dark Copper

Nose: Rye spice. light char smoke, dry character. White plum, light peat, pecan wood, rye grain notes.

Palate: Arrival is dry with powerfully spicy rye grain which swells to a balanced oak profile. Oak notes are dry as well. Cloves and nut driven. Char flavors are subtle. Toffee, nutmeg, and mint like.

Finish: Powerful rye spice evolves to a long, warm oak finish.

With a mashbill of 85% rye and 15% malted barley, Red Saw Rye Whiskey is an Empire style rye which utilize over 75% rye grain. There is no corn, removing most layers of decadence in the line of Crème brûlée, caramel, or brown sugar. Rye, on the other hand, contributes an inherently complex youthful spirit that stands its own against most aging practices. Spicy, dry fruit and nut characters are prominent.

Remember tasting is subjective. Half the fun is exploring what comes to mind when nosing, sipping and experiencing good spirits.

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  • Teal

    My favorite spirit we make.

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